Our special offers

Only if you book directly with us

Book in advance

Benefit from a 5% discount when booking a guest room between 21 days and 2 months in advance.

Offer cannot be combined, valid all year round.Deduction made on the spot.

Long Stay

Extend your stayand reduce your costs!We offer you 10% discount on your 3rd night, 15% on your 4th night and  20% for all nights beyond!Offer cannot be cumulated

Extend your stay

If your room is available, take advantage of a 30% discount from the 1st additional night to the 5th and a 50%  for the following nights up to a maximum of 10 nights. 

This offer cannot be cumulated, applicable all year round. Deduction made on the spot.

Business Evening

The package includes one night in a standard room, a slate of local sausages and cheeses, a bottle of water and a homemade dessert that you can enjoy on site, full breakfast.Complimentary glass of wine. Rate: 15€ in addition to the room.

Win +

By reserving at My Abri Côtier directly you will benefit from our tailor-made services and the best price.

Some online agencies advertise their offers "without booking fees". What they don't tell you is that we have to pay them a high commission. We prefer to return it to you and make you pay less!

Gift idea for your loved ones

If you are looking for a gift idea to offer, My Abri Côtier offers gift vouchers for a minimum of  2 nights and breakfast

After booking, we will send you a gift voucher to offer to your loved ones or we can send it directly to the recipient.